In 2016, we were finally able to hear the long awaited Mat Zo album Self Assemble. After the release of the album, Zo went on a tour that had DJ sets that incorporated “a cinematic assemblage of all the varied influences [he’s] had since childhood.” This comes from a recent post on Zo’s Facebook, where he also highlighted his upcoming tour plans for 2017, which seem far more lofty.

Zo posted a picture of a note on his Facebook page that gave insight into the creation of his last album, as well as the purpose behind the 2016 tour. To our excitement, it also revealed his 2017 tour plans. He said, “over the course of 2017 you’ll have the chance to witness DnB, house, and classic Anjuna progressive/trance sets from me in various cities throughout the year…” In other words, Zo is offering a completely different experience at every tour stop planned for 2017.

He has yet to announce the tour schedule, but you can see what else he had to say in the picture below: