#1 Spotify Global Viral act Emmit Fenn isn’t your typical EDM artist – though the same could be said about a lot of artists making their mark on the scene these days. What sets Emmit apart from the regular riff raff are a few things including his impeccable song writing and lyrics, his instrumentation and overall vision. You can find out more about his vision via his website¬†EmmitFenn.com.

The closest approximation to Emmit that comes to mind is another artist associated with management outfit TH3RD BRAIN, Stephen. Come to think of it, Gallant, Zhu, and (the recently signed) Grace VanderWaal are also part of the TH3RD BRAIN family. With all of these artists working in the same sonic space, you could say that Emmit is destined for greatness. It seems to be a niche that TH3RD BRAIN is looking to fill and we’re absolutely loving it.

Prologue, the debut EP from Emmit Fenn, spans 9 tracks, and could technically be considered an album. It fluctuates from downtempo future bass in “Oceans” to stylistically adventurous trap-esque themes like “Painting Greys,” to crooning, heartbroken songs in the form of “Woman.”

Though the basic sound is always encompassing the tracks, each has its own unique identity and story to tell; stories, being something that dance music has all but done away with.

Check out Prologue below.

Now, if you thought that plug for his website at the top seemed a little out of place, then good. It worked. Without giving too much away, or really revealing anything, it seems that Emmit actually subtly announced a second EP. Keep scrolling down on the website and you’ll see it eventually…