Vince Staples releases his sophomore album Big Fish Theory today, including a track entitled “Yeah Right,” featuring heavyweights Kendrick Lamar and Kučka, as well as production from sound design visionaries Flume and SOPHIE.

Simply put, this is easily one of the best collabs of the year, even taking into consideration the news of Zhu x Nero yesterday and all of the combinations on the forthcoming Calvin Harris album next Friday. As far as can be told, Flume and SOPHIE have never had a true collaboration together, but after hearing the pairing on “Yeah Right” we really need one. And as for Kučka’s contribution on the track, it doesn’t really seem to mesh well with the rest of the track, book-ended by verses by Lamar and Staples – it might be the only facet of the track preventing it from being damn near perfect.

The production, as already mentioned, is heavy and fat, putting a lot of weight on the subs and melody. The vocal melody provided by Staples in the background works magnificently in moving the track forward and Lamar’s contribution is equally fire.

Listen to to “Yeah Right” below.

Staples’ new album Big Fish Theory is out today.


Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2017