They’re back! JusCollege is talking with 30+ music festivals to offer affordable travel & ticket packages for the 2018 festival season!

Many of you may have heard of JusCollege. JusCollege started by shuttling 400 Headliners to EDC Las Vegas 2011 and by 2016 became the largest independent shuttle service with 42,000 attendees riding to and from the EDC over 3 days. Simultaneously, JusCollege became the largest collegiate student travel company in North America, traveling over 500,000+ students to 75+ destinations throughout North America.

Despite thousands of protesting Headliners, Insomniac banned JusCollege (and all other 3rd party) shuttles from operating in 2017. This decision appears to be the wrong choice, as thousands of complaints were lodged against Insomniac for 4+ hour lines, worse traffic than in any years past, and an overall terrible experience getting to and from EDC 2017.

However, being banned from EDC inspired JusCollege’s founders, Andrew Citores and Bo Thede, to launch a new service of connecting music festivals to the collegiate market through exclusive travel packages.

JusCollege has already partnered with 6 elite music festivals, including Okeechobee Music Festival in Florida, where in 2017 JusCollege sold thousands of festival packages at over 250 universities in 42 states.

“We want to make it easy and affordable for college students and their friends to attend amazing music festivals and travel to new places across North America. The average college student is only able to select one or maybe two fun trips per year. JusCollege is giving students a way to travel more, try new festivals without breaking the bank and our festival partners are getting new, young customers for life that previously they could not capture,” says Zach Samson, JusCollege’s VP of Music & Live Events.

JusCollege and the festivals work together to create a travel package that will appeal to the collegiate market while offering substantial cost savings. Some travel packages currently offered by the company include camping, lodging and in some cases transportation to and from college campuses near the festival.

The JusCollege festival partners are seeing substantial growth in the 18-24 demographic, which will be their attendees for the next 10-20 years. But don’t get too excited festival organizers, JusCollege now has a wait list for festivals that want to participate.

Now back to EDC, does JusCollege plan to come back? Citores, JusCollege CEO, said the following, “We believe Insomniac wanted to improve their service this year and honestly believed that eliminating our shuttles would help. After the major issues last weekend, I think THE HEADLINERS have made it clear that they want us back. Knowing how much Insomniac cares about their customer’s experience, we wouldn’t be surprised if they ask us to come back in 2018.”

JusCollege Current Festival Partners:
Okeechobee Music Festival (Okeechobee, FL)
Imagine Music Festival (Atlanta, GA)
Euphoria Music Festival (Austin, TX)
Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival (Centre Hall, PA)
Bunbury Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH)
Ever After Music Festival (Ontario, Canada)