Both Diplo and Katy Perry are no strangers to the reality TV lifestyle. Diplo has been working on a reality TV show What Would Diplo Do while Katy Perry recently hosted a four-day long 24-7 live stream, similar to Big Brother, in promotion for her latest album Witness.

In any case, the ex-couple might be looking to set their sights on perhaps one of the biggest music industry reality TV projects of all time – bringing back American Idol. Back in May, Katy picked up a ridiculously large $25 million paycheck to join the TV show as a guest judge but sources are revealing that Diplo has actually teamed up with her in discussions with network executives to bring the show back.

Speaking to Billboard, Diplo had a few things to say about the TV show. “I’ve also been talking to American Idol on the side to try to help them with the (ABC network reboot) with Katy. I just like the idea of working with them. They’re cool.”

While Diplo has yet to reveal in what capacity he would be assisting Katy or contributing to the show if he’s speaking to network executives we could assume that he might take the role of one of the show’s executive producers.


H/T: Belfast Telegraph