Deadmau5 has been all about exploring genres outside of his famously recognized progressive house comfort zone lately…

After W:/2016ALBUM/, he put out a more experimental collection of music called stuff i used to do, and most recently he’s been making rounds as his techno alter ego, Testpilot, which may lead to some “less mainstreamy” releases according to the producer.┬áNow, he’s bringing it back to the old school, taking his experimentation to the next level.

“It’s virtually impossible NOT to get your 80s vibe on with [Uvi Falcon]. Best software purchase this year!” Deadmau5 shared via Instagram along with one of the chilliest beats we’ve heard in recent memory.

If the unreleased track wasn’t identified as his own, we’d have a hard time recognizing it as the work of Deadmau5. Goes to show he’s a true master of sound no matter the genre!


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