We know that k?d takes a lot of influence already from artists like Daft Punk, so it doesn’t come as a total surprise that he’d remix them. After all, we’ve already received an epic remix of the group’s “Doin It Right” last year.

Today, we get another – k?d remixed The Weeknd and Daft Punk’s seminal “Starboy.” While the vocal intro sounds just a tad sloppy (and a bit reminiscent of a Porter live set intro), the remainder of the track is a dazzling blend of each artist’s style, while still invoking thematic elements of the original song. k?d’s characteristic synth work is on full display with the processed vocals of the original, working to combine everything into one cohesive package.

This will no doubt become a staple of k?d’s sets from here on out. Check it out below.


Image via k?d