Sinjin Hawke is one of the most talked about artists in the game right now, especially after the release of his album First Opus. He has the hype behind him similar to that of artists like Khalid and Gallant, so you can be sure to expect great things from him. But on the EDM front, his tracks hold incredible remix potential.

One of those tracks is “Onset” from his album, a rolling electronica banger with heavy drum pads and an addictive brass line – who better to remix it than two of the brassiest in the game, KRANE and Alexander Lewis. While the original plays as more of a synthy, Rustie-esque experiment in sound design, KRANE and Lewis delve more into the arrangement and add their own topline of trumpet and trombone to make it really stand out.

While the first two drops are relatively similar, the true climax comes in the final drop, featuring an anthemic, future bass rising synth and heart-pounding bassline. The whole track together is a wonderful journey from start to finish. Check it out below.