It’s no secret that Red Light Management artists love to work together. Between Jauz, Marshmello, Slushii, Ghastly, Ookay and more, they have a pretty solid roster of viral artists who have the ability to produce incredibly popular songs, and are IRL friends on top of everything else.

When I first reviewed “Twinbow,” I gave it an honest and thought-out criticism. I find it incredibly interesting and abundantly satisfying that my least-favorite part of the original was the most-remixed part in Jauz’s interpretation. Better yet, Jauz takes a huge risk and remixes it with a 2011-era YouTube dubstep wobble that just plain works. It’s the kind of lo-fi wobble you’d hear on a dubstep remix of Eminem’s “Till I Collapse,” mixed with a sort of 2013-era Skrillex bass.

I’d never really think that sort of sound would mesh with the super sweet original “Twinbow,” but gosh darn, Jauz makes it work. Check out the remix below:


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