The newest kid kicking rocks around the bass music block is none other than LA shadow lurker Pasdat. With numerous releases hitting 100k plays and having snagged a release on UZ’s Quality Goods Records, Pasdat is hitting the scene hard with hybrid trap heaters up his sleeve. His latest Hybrid Trap release “Swishers” is just such a track and falls quite nicely under his chronic-reminiscent branding.

The song lights up with a spark of atmosphere, playful arps pattering around, and pitched vocals mentioning “Rolling Up Swishers” a few times to say the least. A heavy bassline thuds into the action, giving the vocals some weight and pushing the momentum further along. Warhorns signal the behemoth blast of sound that awaits those who can muster the strength to reach the peak.

With a quick vocal shot to announce the arrival of the drop, a barrage of haywire sound design shoots through the speakers as thick 808 kick drums reverberate throughout the low end. The lead synth is sharp; if described I’d compare it to a Snails-esque growl that our good friend Pasdat stuffed through a meatgrinder. Don’t let the previous statement discourage you, having a unique take on sound design is everything and “Swishers” delivers that.

Applying a flow that’s quite unique, Pasdat bounces the melody around as his tweaked out synths create a heavy vibe yet remain fun. From start to finish this track boasts clean production and well planned out arrangements. Oh and let’s not forget that twisted bass growl at the drop. Look out for young Pasdat coming up quick and cop this free download off his soundcloud