Listenbee has been around the block and behind the scenes of some major hits. You may recognize him from his co-writing contributions to “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy And I Know It”, but that wasn’t the life he wanted to lead. Instead, he ditched these efforts to pursue Listenbee and we are definitely glad he did.

His newest single “Children” with Cosmos & Creature, solidifies Listenbee as a forthcoming talent that you must watch out for. The track begins with liquid chord sweeps and falsetto vocals that immediately take the listener in. The playful attitude of the track is present throughout as we are taken on a journey of melodies that are brought forth with child-like la-la-las. The la-las might be Listenbee’s daughter, who was said to be on the track. Listenbee said,

“The song reminds me of conversations with my dad, when he would tell me, “Even in my seventies deep down I still feel like that nine-year old boy playin’ jacks.” I want ‘Children’ to touch the inner child in us all, and remind us that age is just a number. I had a lot of fun making this record, I even got my daughter Nadia to lay down some vox.”

Check out the track below: