Steve Void should be a name well rehearsed in your repertoire by now. If not, it’s time you learn a little on who the talented producer is. Since 15, Void has been pushing boundaries in music. He burst onto the scene with remixes of “Can’t Feel My Face”, “Shades of Grey”, and more. And now, he is back with a new single, this time an original by the name of “Rooms“.

The track begins with the singer clearing his throat, clearing the listeners audio palette for the musical journey that ensues. The singer’s voice breaks the silence and strikes a sensitive nerve within the listener. Void has a unique way of captivating his listeners with melodies that combine history with contemporary inflections. “Rooms” makes use of a future bass arrangement to really showcase the all-around talent that the singer has and to demonstrate the skill that Void has as a producer.

Check out the tune below: