Macca & Loz Contreras are a duo of soulful liquid artists whose chill, jazzy beats have been catching a lot of attention in the UK and elsewhere. They’ve recently been picked up by a sister project of Friction’s Shogun Audio label, Sgn Ltd, and their new double single, Anything for You just released on Shogun on June 26.

Anything for You contains two summery, throwback-style liquid tracks. The b-side, as it were, is called “In the Mood”, and it pairs sultry vocal samples with an amen-based beat. The vocal hook sounds like something from an old Nina Simone tune, a phenomenon popularized when liquid first started to gain traction in the late 90s and early 00s. According to Loz Contreras, “We made ‘In The Mood’ first, Macca found a huge sample and got some really good ideas down quite quickly. I worked on a vocal hook to give the track that little bit extra.”

That “little bit extra” is some definite soul and vibe for which Loz Contreras and Macca are quickly becoming known.

The amen-style jump up snares accompanying the vocal hook and jazz-inspired horn loop complete the retro feel for “In the Mood”, and by retro it’s not only retro liquid but retro jazz. With all this groove, however, there is a definitively modern feel to the tempo of the track, with pinpoint accuracy to the smooth, silky snare beat. It’s the kind of track that will immediately conjure up  desert road trips with the one’s arm out the window, riding the wind to the beat of smooth, jazzy liquid grooves.

“In the Mood” as well as the single’s a-side, “Anything for You” are out now on Sgn Ltd.