After going back and forth between using the Cube stage production, deadmau5 upgraded his classic rig this year for his Lots of Shows in a Row Tour in support of his recent album W:/2016ALBUM/. After playing everywhere from New York to Chicago, deadmau5 has announced more dates for his buzz worthy tour.

The next leg, aptly titled Lots of Shows in a Row: pt. 2, largely spans Canada, deadmau5’s home country. The cities on the itinerary include Alma, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto — deadmau5’s hometown —Vancouver, Windsor and Winnipeg. While the brunt of the tour charts the Canadian north, a lone U.S. state left out of the initial round of dates has also been announced: Colorado. Will deadmau5 be returning to Red Rocks, which he hasn’t played since 2013? It remains to be seen, but we can bet that despite the venue choice, deadmau5’s Colorado fans will flock for tickets.

The specific dates and venues for pt. 2 of deadmau5’s Lots of Shows in a Row tour have yet to be announced, but view the list of the newly announced cities below: