Technology is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when it comes to experiencing your favorite music. The latest innovation comes from Japanese company Nomura, which has developed a futuristic juicer that creates a drink based off a song. That’s right, you soon may be able to taste and drink your favorite song.

Nomura’s juicer, called Squeeze Music, analyzes the waveforms of a song and tailors five feelings — happy, exciting, romantic, sentimental and sad — from the song to five flavors — sweet, sour, astringent, salty and bitter flavors. For example, happy songs can taste sweeter while sad songs will taste bitter. Squeeze Music music developer Akinori Goto envisions Squeeze Music being used at music festivals, and even said alcohol can be utilized to make cocktails. Suffice it to say, you could soon be drinking a cocktail of your favorite song at your next music festival.

Watch the Squeeze Music juicer in action below:

This Machine Makes Your Favorite Song Into A Drink

This machine lets you taste music

Publicado por NowThis Future em Quinta, 6 de julho de 2017