There’s no better place on the internet for up-to-the-minute Skrillex news than his own subreddit. The community is as voracious for new sounds and news as they are loyal, and yesterday, news came via the subreddit that Skrillex had shared a short 6-second clip on the OWSLA Discord chat. (Find more about Discord here.)

The clip was undoubtedly Skrillex, though brief in substance. You could still make out some telltale Skrillex signatures, from the vocal processing to the use of synths. The clip didn’t really seem out of place, as from a cut of something larger, leading some users to believe it could be used for an Adult Swim bumper or something similar.

Skrillex also uploaded a second clip, this one a little longer. This one is definitely more of a sound design test, possibly from a larger project, and way more indicative of a “newer” Skrillex sound.

While it’s not clear if either of these will ever lead anywhere, Skrillex is one of the few producers who can make an entire industry perk its ears up with a total of 25 seconds of sound design nonsense, and no one will bat an eye.

As always, we look forward to more Skrillex material.


Photo via Watchara for Do Lab