Dylan Karakas left his desert home with nothing but the clothes in his bag to pursue a life of music. Taking on the alias Elephunk and heading to ICON Collective in LA, Elephunk spent the next 4 years on and off living in his car to make his dream come true. Taking on a sound specific to him and reminiscent of an older style of dance music we all know and love, Elephunk brings a new age twist to the familiar style.

Taking on an original by Barclay Crenshaw, Elephunk flawlessly flips “The Gene Sequence” into a dreamy and atmospheric hit with crushing basslines that will have fans in a whole new state of amazement. Combining elements of trance, house and trap all in one, this new flip has us salivating and curious for what’s ahead. Make sure to check it out below and snag the free download while you can!