Following a straight year of almost nothing but brostep, the Pegboard Nerds have seemingly taken a turn toward house music in 2017. Though the duo kicked off the year with the more diverse Nerds by Nature EP, the Pegboard Nerds have almost exclusively put out house singles since then. The EP was followed right on the heels by the bright & bouncy Tony Junior collaboration “Voodoo,” with the club smasher “Move That Body” not far behind.

Today, the Pegboard Nerds have released what was undoubtedly their most anticipated single of 2017, “Extraordinary.” The song is – fittingly – exactly what the title would imply, it’s great (possibly even more so than their reigning electro single “Disconnected“). “Extraordinary” cleverly combines the soul of future house, the melodic nature of big room and the punch of electro into one insanely energetic track.

However, the Nerds were not alone in making this illustrious tune. Back on vocals is Elizaveta, who you might know already from her other collaboration with the duo (the viral “Hero“). On another hand, the track’s co-production can be credited to the Danish up-and-comer Spyker, who has dabbled between big room and groovy styles of house in the past. With this being his first big label release, “Extraordinary” might just signify the start of something great for the youngster.

If this one doesn’t get pumped out at festivals this summer, we’ll be severely disappointed, to say the least. DJs, don’t let us down!

Listen to “Extraordinary” and download the track below:

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