Saule is a San Francisco-based dubstep artist who has recently been picked up by Infernal Sounds for his recent EP, Cure Dem. Saule has become known as a proficient dubstep and trap artist, and he’s great at winding dub and dancehall sounds and samples around hard, heavy dubstep beats.

Cure Dem is a three-track EP featuring the dubby title track and “Suede,” a trap track which incorporates both dub and rave samples in its extremely pitched-down, low register trap beat. The EP also includes a remix of “Suede” by Mesck. Mesck is another Infernal Sounds artist known more for his sub bass-heavy, ultra-slow dubstep. He brings an aspect of grime and gurgle to “Suede”, taking the tempo even slower on this already very low-pitched track.

“Cure Dem” has already been featured on RinseFM in the UK, and artists like J:Kenzo have thrown their weight behind Saule in support. If that’s not reason enough to listen, the heavy dub vibes will likely continue to permeate the airwaves until dubstep fans can’t help but notice.

The Cure Dem EP is out now on Infernal Sounds and can be streamed and purchased by clicking here.