KSHMR‘s very first release off his own Dharma Worldwide record label, “Festival of Lights” is a celebration of electronic music and beyond!

“Festival of Lights” feeds off the energy put forth by a vocal enchantress in the early stages of the production, moving at a rapid pace into (until now) undiscovered realms of dance music. KSHMR and newcomer Maurice West reinvent the big room wheel with an explosive, Indian inspired soundscape that is beautifully written and unmistakably original.

In an epic announcement earlier this week KSHMR shared news of his imprint, which will feature a song from his forthcoming Materia EP until its release. The first single exceeds any expectations that might have been set in place for KSHMR’s new project and sets the bar incredibly high for Dharma releases moving forward.

“Dharma will be a home for music with soul from around the world, and most importantly, music I love,” KSHMR told Billboard. “It gives me a platform to nourish and present new artists.”

Listen, and experience “Festival of Lights” for yourself! This is the type of track that’s bigger than itself!

KSHMR & Maurice West – “Festival of Lights”

Source: Billboard