Jauz and Crankdat recently dropped their highly anticipated collaboration “I Hold Still,” but something was missing. Listeners couldn’t get over the lack of vocals, which resonated in an earlier demo…

Now, Slushii aka “The True Shark Hero” is here to save the day, as he puts down his vocal stylings for the newly finished track that fans have been waiting for. Jauz even sent out a special shoutout to the producer for helping “perfect” the song.

In what Jauz dubs as one of his “fav” tracks he’s ever released, both he and Crankdat fully flex their production muscles. “I Hold Still” immediately hooks you with the beat, releases into progressive, synthy build, and then it’s go time! Clean, momentous growls power the track forward, but don’t expect it to stay in one place for too long. A crazy yet feelsy back and forth feeds the energy of the track, and Slushii’s vocals are the finishing touch.

Jauz & Crankdat – I Hold Still (featuring Slushii)


Photo via Rukes