Australian artist Third Floor is definitely one to pay attention to. After a phenomenal EP last year, the artist has struggled with an autoimmune disorder, forcing him to focus more on his health than his music. Written in a time of emotional turmoil and hospitalization, “Oceans” is clearly an emotional song for the artist.

The spiritual sequel to his previous single “Can’t Do This Alone,” “Oceans” starts with off with a cinematic piano, slowly building into a downtempo disco groove. The combination of deep, emotional autotuned vocals and musical maturity in this track truly leave a lasting emotional impression on the listener – “Oceans” is a song that really makes you feel. Third Floor went above and beyond with this record, capturing and showcasing raw emotion through his writing.

Stream “Oceans” by Third Floor below! “Oceans” will be available via Spotify & iTunes on August 3rd.