Martin Garrix ended his Tomorrowland 2017 weekend 2 set on a high note, closing out the music festival’s main stage for the year with some unreleased magic!

For his last song, the producer got on the mic and let the crowd know the song (below) was made especially for them. As the euphoric melody played out, the massive audience took on a look that can only be described as pure bliss, as another year of the epic festival celebrated some of its last moments.

“If you’re feeling happy right now — if you have a smile on your face, Tomorrowland — for the last time I want to see everybody jump!” Garrix exclaimed.

The cheery new ID definitely put a smile on everyone’s face (at least, those featured on camera) and one guy even knelt down on his knee to present his new fiancé with a ring as fireworks shot into the sky… D’aww! Check out the incredible moment in Tomorrowland history right here!

Martin Garrix ID @ Tomorrowland 2017