Boston-based SCRVP has been on my radar recently with his diverse bass sound. Capable of bringing the heat when needed, the young producer is equally able to tone it down a bit, as showcased through tracks like his latest effort, “Give It All.” Teaming up with Secret Sauce and Kyle Woodcock, SCRVP shows off his softer side with “Give It All,” offering over three minutes of emotionally-charged future bass.

SCRVP starts the tune off with a relatively simple intro, relying heavily on a smooth male vocal line to drive the track forward as metallic bells ring out in the background. Things break down into a drop full of wavy synths and vocal chops, which combine flawlessly with the commanding percussion to softly-but-sternly demand your attention. A bit of Latin influence makes its way into the mix after the drop, adding some spice to the piece to keep things interesting and the listener engaged. Overall, “Give It All” is a quintessential future bass track, nailing all the must-haves while maintaining its own unique flair.

Stream the track below, and click here to download!