V Recordings is one of the original drum and bass labels, older even than RAM, Renegade Hardware and Metalheadz. V was one of the first hard drum and bass labels as well, releasing legendary tracks like Krust’s “Warhead.” In recent years, the influx of new techniques, smaller European labels and all kinds of sub genres has seen focus of hard dnb and neurofunk shifting to the Netherlands and Germany, but labels like Critical and V are still consistently releasing, sometimes quietly and sometimes with a bang.

What’s interesting about what V, now run largely by Bryan Gee, is the level of diversity coming out of this label, and the unlikely collabs that keep popping up as singles are released from the label. Such is the case with the recent I Got You (feat. Zarah)/Double Trouble single released on July 31, which sees an interesting collaboration between Brazilian duo Alibi and Australian up-and-comer Disaszt.

Until this release on V, Alibi have largely been associated with the massive Sun and Bass festival which takes place in Sardegna each summer, and they are this also largely known for upbeat jump up and liquid-style tracks when they release. By contrast, Disaszt has been known mostly for his gruff neuro and techstep, with a definite focus on sound design. How these two almost diametrically opposed acts hooked up is anyone’s guess, but they’ve certainly found the right home for the I Got You/Double Trouble project in V Recordings.

“I Got You,” just featured on Friction’s BBC1 show on the single’s release date, has a punchy jump up beat with liquid-inspired vocals by Zarah. The track is very “Alibi,” although one must be careful not to overcharacterize drum and bass artists, especially when it comes to what’s coming out of them for V. The track has a lovely old school vibe with a rolling, bubbling bassline which is probably the reason Friction chose it for his show.

“Double Trouble” is a complete about face from “I Got You,” as it’s a hard, scary neuro-driven track with a chugging bassline and an ominous vocal sample. It’s hard to tell who worked on what on this track, but either way it’s clear that the collaboration is meant to show the diversity of both the artists and of V Recordings.

The I Got You (Feat Zarah)/Double Trouble single is out now on V Recordings and can be purchased via a number of platforms by clicking here.