Starfest Music Festival is being sued by talent booker Simon Perez after he claims to have signed deadmau5 in a $500k deal, but received no commission for his efforts…

Perez also claims he made offers to Flo Rida, All-American Rejects, DJ Khaled, Macklemore and more on behalf of Starfest, but never received his 15 percent cut — which would price out to $75k for the deadmau5 deal alone.

According to a report from TMZ, Perez insists Starfest went behind his back to land musical acts without him, and furthermore, denies he had any part in signing deadmau5 and Flo Rida for the self-proclaimed “Out of this World” lineup.

“From Hip Hop to Country to EDM, Starfest is bound to mesmerize all in attendance,” the Starfest website states. While the music festival is scheduled to go down next month in Plano, TX, the only acts currently featured on the website are Carnage, Rappaport, Lil Wayne, The Original Dodger, French 75, Bridgette Tatum, Jessica Gabrielle, and Dustin Olson.

Perez is seeking payment for damages and legal fees — and only time will tell if this turns out to be another Fyre fest.

Mr. Perez is being represented by Kevin K. Javidzad, Esq. at Colony Law.


Source: TMZ