Coachella is going after a small, outdoor film event called Filmchilla, as the name hits just a little too close to that of the iconic California-based music festival…

Filmchilla, once referred to as Filmchella, decided to swap out a vowel after Goldenvoice attorneys made contact earlier this summer and advised the name be changed. However, according to the Desert Sun, the new lawsuit claims that the “single-letter change is insufficient to dispel any consumer confusion.”

Goldenvoice has trademarked Coachella’s name, logo, and even the suffix “chella”, and as the festival has grown into a widely recognized, household name.

“They are going for it, huh? I had no idea you could trademark the suffix of a geographical location,” Filmchilla organizer Trevor Simms said.

“I think they are going to have to make me,” he added.

Filmchila is advertised online as a “drive-in style” film festival held “under the stars” at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center is scheduled over Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, featuring 30 films from more than 800 submissions. Tickets are on sale now.


Source: Desert Sun | Photo via DoLA