Resykle is an unlikely halftime hero from the Bay Area who has been drawing a lot of critical attention from the likes of Bassrush and Signalfire, among others. His recent and first EP, Unreleased Music is a short discography of Resykle’s work, as he pokes fun at how not famous he is while said release starts to make him so.

Resykle’s style seems lackadaisical and definitely influenced by weed culture, as the track premiered by ahead of the EP’s release, “System”, features the Heltah Skeltah lyric “no need for intermission; I need trees in my system” as its main sample loop. The NorCal producer’s beats and sub bass are deceptively simple in this track and the others on Unreleased Music. On “System”, a darkstep-inspired sub bass winds around both beat and vocal loop, creating an atmosphere that is both chill and dark. The beat also seems sparse, but it’s meant to be as such, as the bassline blisters and breathes in and out until the very end of the track.

Not going very far from the drug themes, another highlight on the EP is “Benzo”. It’s another track with distorted bass and a light, snare-infused beat and which also seems simple but it’s the space between all the sounds and the way this track is composed which makes it interesting. The number of layers here rivals anything done by the wackiest experimental artists and the most technical drum and bass producers. It’s clear with “Benzo” that if this track was sped up from its chunky halftime tempo to 174, very little would need to be done to make it a snare-heavy dnb roller.

Unreleased Music is truly unreleased at present, so the only place to listen to these tracks is here on Your EDM or on Resykle’s SoundCloud. Here’s hoping Resykle will soon believe he’d “famous” enough to put these tracks out.