Avicii, like most DJ/producers, seems to live a nonstop glamorous lifestyle — but his new “True Stories” documentary due out later this year covers the good, bad, and his mostly stressful times on the road.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the superstar gives a sneak preview of what’s to come and opens up about an especially difficult patch in his career. The doc follows some of the hardest times of Avicii’s life through multiple hospitalizations, as he experienced inflammation of the pancreas (linked to excessive drinking), a burst appendix, and a gallbladder that needed to be removed.

All of this led up to Avicii’s retirement from touring: “I needed to figure out my life. The whole thing was about success for the sake of success. I wasn’t getting any happiness anymore,” he explains.

Now, fresh off his Avīci (01) EP, it seems he’s getting a second chance to do things his way. Although he’s still “traumatized” by the idea of touring or even attending shows, he’s back in the studio hoping to make the best record of his life.

“Now that I have more time in the studio, I want to learn as much about other genres as possible,” Avicii says.

Read the full interview from Rolling Stone and look out for his documentary out sometime in 2017!

Source: Rolling Stone