The Chainsmokers have landed the ultimate collaboration with Xbox!

Not just any Xbox — this brand new special edition Xbox One S design illuminates The Chainsmokers’ logo in multi-layered acrylic for a holographic, 3D aesthetic meant to match the vibrance of the duo’s stimulating, sold out shows. And, damn it looks pretty!

Xbox says this is just the beginning of the custom one-of-a-kind Xbox One consoles, as the gaming company will continue to pair “fan-favorite celebrities and brands for a truly unique Xbox experience.”

The Chainsmokers are pretty geeked about it, too:

“We were really pumped to work with Xbox on this project and help bring our music to life in a new way, by combining it with the best gaming console in the world. We knew the team would do something amazing, but when we saw the custom Xbox One S for the first time, we were both blown away by how cool the design is.”

Right now, The Chainsmokers have your chance to win this amazing gaming console — just shoot them a tweet telling them why you love it so much and it could be yours! Plus, be on the lookout for more custom Xbox designs from your favorites in music, sports, television, fashion, art, and Hollywood coming soon.


Source: Xbox Wire