Florida rapper XXXTentacion’s disturbing pattern of abuse is coming to light, the music community is reacting…

While the criminal case against the 19-year-old is still well under investigation, the horrifying claims his pregnant ex-girlfriend made in her deposition seem to check out with police, other witnesses, and those close to the victim.

Read up on the case here (Note: the article contains descriptions of alleged domestic violence that some people may find disturbing).

Some have spoken out with a simple tweet, some are refusing to play his music, and some producers are taking it even farther. DJs that may have played his tracks in the past are taking a stand against against his music. In wake of the troubling headlines, YehMe2 and Y2K have taken down his XXXTentacion remix, stressing the importance of not supporting abusers.

While XXXTentacion’s debut album 17 sounds like a plea for help at times, it’s becoming more clear that he’s not a victim at all. His trial begins on October 5.

DJs Speak Out Against XXXTentacion

Due to recent information i've learned about XXXTentacion abusing and kidnapping his pregnant girlfriend i've decided to…

Posted by YehMe2 on Saturday, September 9, 2017

Source: Pitchfork