New York-born Kasum gained popularity in 2014-2016 releasing a variety of remixes of pop punk bands such as Yellow Card, Sum 41 and Third Eye Blind, sometimes gaining millions of plays, but always capturing the hearts of us early ’90s kids. Now, after graduating from Boston University and taking a year-long hiatus from music, he’s back with a new brand, clean Soundcloud, and a few tricks up his sleeve in the form of new, original music which blends together your favorite elements of dance, punk, and pop.

His debut original track is titled “Burned Bridges,” written, produced and sung by Kasum himself. Immediately the influences of pop punk are apparent in the vocals, lyrics and production. And being as the track aims to blend pop, punk and dance, of course there’s still a drop; but rather than a typical drop, it seems almost more like a chorus. With the guitar and rhythm, you can definitely hear it that way.

No matter what, this is a strong debut from Kasum and his new branding. We’re excited to see where the artist goes from here, now that he has a newfound vision and drive!

“The first 11 months after I graduated (May 2016), I was lost and I was making lots of music, but I had no direction, and no vision of what I wanted to make. That all changed a couple months ago. It was 3AM and I was scrubbing toilets at my job that I was working (yup toilets. very glamorous) and then suddenly out of nowhere, as corny as it sounds, everything hit me. Exactly the kinda music I wanted to make. The brand I wanted to showcase. Everything. 

And I was determined to never have to work a job like the one I was working, ever again.
The next day I quit my job and wrote this song.” – Kasum

Listen to “Burned Bridges” below.