Jauz is back today with a very special new single, special for a couple reasons. First off, “Meant To Love You” is a collaboration with a mysterious vocalist named Rouxn – so far, a Google search of the name only comes up with this song and this guy’s Twitter, who we’re positive is not the same vocalist on the track. Second, this track marks the first release on Jauz’ new collective Bite This!

He writes of the collective, “This isn’t a record label, this isn’t some giant conglomerate EDM Machine trying to take over the universe, this is just my vehicle for being able to put out MY music, the way I WANT to, and most importantly a way for me to help shine light on the artists around me who are so talented and haven’t been heard or seen by the world yet.”

The first track released via Bite This! is his own “Meant To Love You,” a blistering bass house tune with incredible vocals from Rouxn. While the track would probably work just as well being only 3 minutes, the 5-minute runtime gives a vastly different feeling to the track, allowing more of Rouxn’s verses to shine through, and definitely giving off more of a “song” feel, as opposed to “track.”

Check out “Meant To Love You” below!


Photo via Rukes.com