It’s official – two of bass music’s biggest names are joining forces for a collaborative EP! Officially announced last Tuesday, Slander & Kayzo‘s Dilapidation Celebration will be making its way to all digital music retailers sometime in October via Monstercat. Confirmed by Going Quantum, the EP will contain just two tracks (“Without You” and “Holy”), both of which have been heavily teased as of late.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer. Dilapidation Celebration‘s first track – “Without You” – dropped yesterday (practically out of nowhere), with the full EP release allegedly not far behind. A soft, pop-influenced future bass ballad, “Without You” follows up smoothly from Slander’s previous Monstercat release, “Superhuman.” Equally emotional to its precursor with its passionate vocals from Dylan Matthew, the track definitely makes for a great cool-down track from three DJs who love to get their crowds sweaty.

Though Kayzo’s fans might have been disappointed with how soft “Without You” ended up coming out, “Holy” will definitely be able to redeem. Get hyped!

Listen to “Without You” and download the track below:

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