In light of last night’s events in Las Vegas, we thought we were share a more uplifting story.

This morning, parents of 9-year-old Zachary sent a message to us, telling us the story of how their son was brought up on stage during Alison Wonderland’s show at House Of Blues in Houston on September 29, and it was surely a life-changing moment.

The show was originally marketed as all ages, and Zach’s parents were excited to finally be able to bring him to a show and share their love of dance music with their son, whose favorite artists include Marshmello and Alison Wonderland.

Somehow, when the night of the show came, Zach’s parents discovered that the show had been changed to 18+ some time after they had purchased tickets. They were angry, but more so just worried that their son wouldn’t be able to attend the show after all. After contacting the venue, Ticketmaster, and Alison’s manager, they were finally able to secure a spot on the list for Zach to come to the show after all!

“I was dreading Zach coming home from school because I had to break the bad news to him that they changed it to 18+. He was pretty upset,” his father told us via Facebook message. “But it all worked out and Alison totally made his day.”

Zach’s parents assure us that he was safe and well looked-after for the whole night. Their group of around 14 adults was sober for the whole night, and they made sure Zach wore earplugs at the event. The group was in a VIP section apart from the crowd, as well as being in a non-smoking area.

Check out some photos from the show below!


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