Illenium took the stage at Lost Lands music festival in Thornville, OH last night — and it was nothing short of magical!

As some of Illenium’s greatest hits and new treasures from his album Awake played out into the night, those at Lost Lands (and Couch Lands) were able to experience something special happen on Excision‘s Paradox main stage. In the midst of an absolutely relentless, bass heavy lineup, Illenium’s music was a nice change of pace.

The producer had his own way of marking the occasion — by sharing an unreleased remix of Marshmello‘s “Silence” featuring Khalid. Illenium played out his take on the hit song as the finale of his otherworldly performance.

Like most of Illenium’s productions, the remix sounded soft, beautiful, and feelsy, but it definitely packed some extra oomph behind Marshmello’s original version… We can bet both fan bases will be begging for an official release!

Illenium – Silence (Remix)

Marshmello featuring Khalid – Silence


Photo by The Holy Mountain for Insomniac