The reunited Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff have shocked fans everywhere as the nostalgic pair takes on EDM!

Their first effort “Get Lit” doesn’t lack enthusiasm, but definitely limits itself with the straight up fist-pumping beat and predictable progression that tends to raise more eyebrows than hands. But as it turns out, there’s plenty more where the somewhat inspired, yet totally generic “Get Lit” came from.

Will Smith reveals he and Jazzy Jeff are sitting on roughly “30 new songs” together. And deep down we know that his 1997 Big Willie Style self wouldn’t stand for the type of cookie-cutter production at work with “Get Lit.” There has to be some hits in there, right?

Soon enough, we’ll know — because 30 songs sounds a lot like an album should be in the works.

Get Lit – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff


Source: High Snobiety | Photo via Livewire Festival