While most people attempting to sneak backstage at the MTV EMAs would get busted and escorted off the premises immediately, YouTuber Simon Wilson made it into the star-studded awards ceremony at London’s Wembley Arena, past security, and brushed shoulders with some of the biggest names in music.

During his backstage shenanigans, he ran into U2French Montana and “Best Electronic” category winner David Guetta. Being somewhat of a public figure himself must have helped him blend in with the elite crowd, as he documented the entire experience with his camera, taking selfies along the way.

“The [moral] of the story — Anything is achievable!” the YouTube personality boasted on his channel.

Wilson had a few run ins with security and EMA personnel, but didn’t seem to have a problem getting past anyone: “A few people spoke to me but I was just being dead friendly, if I thought anyone was suspicious I would just be like, ‘it’s a nightmare working here — it’s been a long day.'”

He had some interactions with plenty of artists along the way: “There were a lot of celebs and you saw the real side of them, and seeing them warming up and speaking to different people. ‘To be honest it was a good experience, they are very down to earth. People put them on a pedestal.”

Wilson also gained media attention after sneaking into the exclusive Mayweather vs. McGregor fight and snagging up a $100,000 seat for free (watch here). He also filmed himself sneaking into the Emmy awards, and at this rate it seems he won’t be slowing down his life in the fast lane anytime soon.

Sneaking Backstage at MTV EMA Awards


H/T: Daily Mail | Photo via Simon Wilson/Facebook