It’s been less than three months since TroyBoi’s debut album was released, and he’s already so excited to be releasing new music. “The wait is over……NEW MUSIC!” TroyBoi wrote, complete with flame emojis.

The new music he’s referring to is his long-awaited collaboration “Truth” with Ekali. The track isn’t your typical massive trap banger – neither Ekali nor Troyboi push that sound super hard in the first place, anyway, so that’s not entirely unexpected. Instead, “Truth” is a slow burner that plays more heavily off melodies and staccato stabs and synths. A lot of Eastern influence is injected into the track, as has become popular in trap and hip hop tracks these days, melding it with some forward-thinking arrangement and sound design.

TroyBoi and Ekali isn’t the collaboration that we deserve, but we definitely needed it. Check it out below.