Sónar Festival in Barcelona will be out of this world for its 25th anniversary! And we mean that quite literally considering the organization is actively seeking to make contact with extraterrestrial beings through music.

The Sónar Calling GJ 273b project has an extraordinary goal — “uniting music and science to connect and communicate with alien life.” Nina KravizThe Black MadonnaKerri Chandler, Autechre, Laurent GarnierFatima Al Qadiri, Soichi Terada and Kode 9 are just some of the artists close to the festival that have created special pieces of music especially for the occasion.

The Sónar Calling GJ273b signals mark the first time any communication has been sent to a potentially habitable planet. Each artist has or will contribute a 10 second original piece to be sent off 12.4 light-years away from our planet, into the unknown.

This might sound crazy, but hey — there’s probably no better way to bond with aliens than through music.

The best part? Sónar Festival is calling all artists to be part of the groundbreaking experience! Three more submissions will be chosen for the scheduled April transmission. Each of the three participants selected will also receive 4 VIP Passes to attend the 25th Sónar Festival in Barcelona, June 2018.

Apply here: sonarcalling.com/en/join

Sónar Calling GJ273b


Photo via Sónar Calling