Few artists are interested in creating that ethereal and ephemeral sound in dance music today, when bangers are so emphasized in the festival circuit (hell, even techno has bangers now). I’m talking about the sound that doesn’t really have a discernible drop, but focuses more on melody, or lyricism, or general “vibe”… it’s hard to place, but you know it when you hear it.

And if any track can exemplify what I’m talking about, it’s this new single from Michael Mason featuring Sophie Meiers, “Evil Presence.” Meiers’ vocals are absolutely mesmerizing in hypnotic fashion, accompanied by the subtle and never overstated production. Each is a vehicle for the other, neither existing without the other’s assistance. It’s a wonderful example of symbiosis in music that couldn’t be achieved by a song that was just looking to make people “1 2 3 jump.”

“Evil Presence” is out now – listen below.