Mapungubwe Music Festival has apologized for an incident involving award-winning musician Amanda Black and her team…

In the reaction video below, Black films herself leaving Mapungubwe Music Festival visibly shaken. There was an alleged mix up about set times that spiraled into a heated confrontation, according to Black. Not only were she and her team allegedly forced off the stage — they also had a gun pulled on them.

Black kept her composure despite being overwhelmed with fear and confusion. She immediately took to social media to make sure her story was heard:

“We were about to perform at the Mapungubwe Festival in Polokwane at the cricket club. We were literally chased off stage, and this guy followed us to the car and smacked one of my band members and threatened us with a gun for taking a video of him.”

Mapungubwe Music Festival spokesperson Moloko Moloto has broken the silence, via Times Live:

“We are aware of the claims and we have no reason to dispute her claims or think they are frivolous. We are treating the incident as serious and urgent and will meet on Monday with security and festival personnel to establish what had happened. As there are claims of a gun being pulled on her, we will involve law enforcement.”

She followed up with another brief tweet:

“I’ve truly never been so scared in my life. The reason I posted was because you guys never see what happens backstage,” she said.

Amanda Black Talks Mapungubwe Music Festival Scare


Source: Times Live