A video from 2008 has resurfaced on reddit and it’s bringing us back to the more carefree days of electronic music, when having fun behind the decks was paramount to branding and gimmicks. Let me break down the characters in play here… Axwell and Eric Prydz, two of the biggest Swedes in dance music. (And if you remember, Prydz was almost in Swedish House Mafia at one time.) The place? An afterparty for the Swedish Grammy Awards. The catalyst? One fuck up.

Axwell, seemingly inebriated, messes up the transition to a track and Prydz is none too pleased, as he resorts to throwing champagne glasses and beer at the DJ. Sebastian Ingrosso steps in to clean up the transition, but not before Eric fires off a few precise shots at Axwell.

It’s crazy how this video wasn’t bigger years and years ago, but bless the internet for keeping it around this long.


Photo via Rukes.com