It’s been a while, you fine lot of magnificent music connoisseurs. I’m quite guilty of living under a metaphorical editorial rock lately, but I figured this would be a more-than fitting opportunity for me to lift the veil and premiere something truly ambitious to close out this very interesting year. In terms of American drum and bass, there are few and select. Among the cornerstone producers and DJs you’ve seen rock as household names since before I was allowed into a club (which to be fair wasn’t that long ago) are a tight-knit niche of fine talent fueling their ferocious catalogs with each new release, exemplified here.

Featuring four productions including remixes by RekoilBlacklabZere & Gabriel Habit and a massive VIP from the mastermind himself, hear me when I say this one is truly a spine-cruncher.

The Las Vegas-based duo Blacklab ignites with a magnificent introduction paralleling ominous traits with ever-so daunting bass lines, swiftly diving into a drop that’s sure to make you enter the minds of a trifecta of artistic darkness. Boom.

You can purchase the entire release here.