There are few tracks as iconic as “Strobe” in the dance music lexicon. It has been remixed, covered, and served as inspiration for hundreds if not thousands of producers that have come since its release. However, its creator deadmau5 has longed to make it even more powerful, even more wonderful, and in a recent Twitch stream, he teases a version of the track that’s never been heard before.

His streamers apparently asked him about scoring a movie, and if he’d ever done it or ever wanted to. Of course he’d want to, he said, and then, wait… he had something to show them. In short clips, he played out an orchestral version of the hit “Strobe” made with “real strings,” he revealed after it was over. It starts at 1:20 if you want to skip over the exposition.

No one but deadmau5 himself knows if this will ever fully see the light of day, but we damn sure hope it will.