Details of 3LAU‘s debut album have been trickling in and UltraViolet will officially be released February 2018!

While there is already plenty to be excited about — now, we have the tracklist thanks to none other than 3LAU himself. Song titles like “Fire,” “Winter,” “Surreal,” “Touch,” and “Close” are rather ambiguous, but what’s more important is we have a list of collaborations coming on UltraViolet.

Said The Sky, NEONHEART, MAX, Luna Aura, Nevve, Carly Paige, Oly Final Draft, and Emma Hewitt will all be a part of UltraViolet.

So, now we have a title, the tracklist, the features of 3LAU’s forthcoming album UltraViolet… But, what will it sound like?

3LAU’s tour to support the album release begins in February. More details and tickets here.

3LAU – UltraViolet Tracklist


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