We love electronic music (obviously), but there’s something about a live orchestra cover that gets us like nothing else!

In this case, Chamber Orchestra at Westridge School of Pasadena, CA beautifully takes on “Tiny Cities” by Flume and Beck for an amazing result. As seen in the video below, the song translates well into an intricate string heavy arrangement, with woodwinds, light percussion, and delicate piano to back it up. Though the orchestra has to do without Beck’s vocals, the cover still speaks volumes and captures the essence of the original in a new, rare form.

“Tiny Cities” is just one of the incredible songs from Flume’s studio album Skin, which won him a Grammy award in 2017. Most fans have heard this track plenty of times, but never like this.

Watch below, but wait for it… The drop is crazy!

Orchestra Covers “Tiny Cities” by Flume and Beck

Flume – “Tiny Cities” feat. Beck