Can we please leave “skrrt, skrrt” in 2017?

Carnage, Mac Miller and MadeinTYO just released a mega collaboration by producer standards, putting together three fairly large names in the game. While Carnage hasn’t been the internet’s favorite person in 2017, this production is at least starting off 2018 on the right foot.

There’s not much to be said about Mac Miller’s or MadeinTYO’s vocals if you’re not a fan of their lyrical style (which this writer admittedly isn’t), but the production and beat on the track are actually quite fire. I’m going to attribute a lot of the beat’s appeal to that unidentified string instrument that weaves its way throughout the track – it gives that little extra somethin’ somethin’ that makes even a hater like me stay interested.

Carnage is expected to release a lot of music in 2018, so best to keep an eye out.


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