It’s nice to see that while our President is calling nations “shitholes,” kids are eating Tide pods, and fans are maligning music festival lineups across the nation, the artists themselves are still putting out killer tracks and getting off to a great start in 2018.

Kayoh just released his first track of the year which sees him exploring a bit of a new style in “Dark Room Destroyer.” The track really does take after its namesake, or perhaps the other way around, as it conjures up an image of a dimly lit nightclub with pounding speakers and people with reckless abandon.

Straight from the producer himself, “Made this one after listening to an episode of Eric Prydz Epic Radio on Beats One and heard him call one of his tracks a dark room destroyer. It’s inspired by his style but I also wanted to add a downtempo industrial twist to it to make it really filthy and something that can destroy a club. It’s certainly one of my favorite tracks I have made yet!”

Check out the new track below!