Some Fyre Festival Attendees Fear They’re Being Targeted Via Email Scams

Fyre Festival might seem like a distant memory by now, but the hopeful attendees are still living out the nightmare.

Apparently some people on Fyre Festival’s email list have been receiving extravagant invites, all of which seem too good to be true. We’re talking “a private dinner with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers” or “front-row tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” or “a seat at the invitation-only, $30,000-a-plate Met Gala” kind of extravagant.

“I get them pretty much every week. It’s hilarious,” a Fyre Festival ticket holder Seth Crossno revealed to Vice News (and he knows others experiencing the same thing).

Here’s a snippet of an email received by Crossno…

“We stepped up our game today for you, big time. The Cleveland Cavaliers come to Madison Square Garden on Monday, April 9, to play the New York Knicks. We have seats to the game and invitations to the Cavs team dinner and club after the game, where Lebron [sic] will be in attendance.”

And another…

“The 2018 Met Gala is on Monday, April 30, at The Met in NYC. We partnered with the sponsoring brands to get you a chance to buy tickets. Tickets include red carpet, seats for the event/dinner, and an invitation to the after-party. Tickets are extremely limited. Please respond with your brief bio and number of guests you’d like to have attend, and we’ll follow up with a call.”

And one more…

“Fashion week is coming up in NYC, so we got a little motivated to give you one of the most anticipated fashion and social events of the year – The Victoria Secret [sic] Fashion Show (and after party, of course). A few of the models gave us their ticket allotment, so we are excited to offer them to you. Rumor has it the show is returning back to the US this year (second week of November) but you didn’t hear that from us ;). Tickets are $1.5k/person, and confirmations today receive a 15% discount.”

The emails all came from Frank Tribble at NYC VIP Access. Tribble, contacted via phone, assured all the offers are real and he doesn’t know why Fyre Festival attendees seem to be targeted.

Tribble did mention his company was founded by “a couple hip-hop managers and their artists, top artists that have all combined and taken their connections and kind of all came together to see what they could do.”

Tribble wouldn’t give any names as to who he works for, but “none of the people were involved in the Fyre Festival.”

This is just the beginning of the sketchiness, and when Tribble was pressed for more information — he shut the impromptu interview down.

The NYC VIP Access website has little information, and was only just launched in November.


Source: Vice News

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